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Neighbor to Neighbor BBQ

Friday, August 24, 2018

  • Enjoy a front yard BBQ and get to know your neighbours
  • Submit a photo of 2 or more households enjoying a BBQ on August 24th and you will be entered for a prize!
  • Enter your photo by August 28th to receptionist@wainwright.ca

Neighbor to Neighbor BBQ circular

Meet the Neighbors Bingo

  • Find someone in your neighborhood who fits the description and have THEM write their name in the square!
  • All ages can participate, complete 15/20 to qualify for the prize draw.
  • Drop off completed bingo form by 4:30p.m August 17, 2018 at Wainwright Town Office or Email: receptionist@wainwright.ca

Meet the Neighbors Bingo form

June 2018 Newsletter

Summer is officially here, it’s time to fire up the grill and tend to the yard work. Don’t forget to say hi to your neighbor while you’re out this summer, did you know spending time outside and getting to know your neighbors has been proven to promote a sense of community as well as an increased pride of ownership in the homes surrounding you. Maybe one way you can get to know your neighbors this summer is by having a block party, did you know that you can get a free block party information kit at Wainwright & District Family & Community Services. Or maybe your family can attend one of the many events happening around town this summer, check out the summer 2018 edition of the Wainwright Community Connector and follow Wainwright FCS on Facebook to stay up to date on fun events happening this summer.


Wainwright & District FCS is pleased to welcome,

Renata Logan, M.Sc. Registered Psychologist

Renata Logan is the director and owner of Root to Rise Counselling Services. She has been serving individuals, couples and families of the Edmonton area for the past 12 years. She has a M.Sc. in Marital & Family Therapy and obtained her status as Registered Psychologist in 2011. Although her training and experience has focused on marital therapy, she also carries special interest in the following areas: depression and anxiety; grief/loss; life change & adjustment difficulties; work-life balance and stress-related issues; chronic pain & medical challenges; relationship and boundary issues; and personal growth, identity & transition across the lifespan.

Renata bases her work in a holistic frame and believes that the source for healing or lasting change is rooted in the mind-body-spirit triad, as well as the family-community connection. Her intention is to assist persons of all ages and histories in finding a pathway towards improved daily life contentment and well-being, as well as towards more satisfying relationships with their supportive others. She achieves this using a variety of treatment modalities, tailoring the therapeutic experience to best meet a client’s needs at any given point in therapy. Renata’s therapeutic style is described as patient, empathetic, collaborative, and connective. Having been raised in a rural community, she is pleased to be returning to the life of the countryside and offering her services to the residents of the Wainwright community.

To book an appointment, please call: 780-842-2555.

What makes a caregiver?

What makes a caregiver? A caregiver is a family member or friend who provides unpaid care for a loved one living with challenges due to disability, illness, or aging. Do you take your elderly parents grocery shopping every week? What if you regularly drive a close friend to medical appointments? Did you cancel a night out with friends to care for your spouse that is ill? You’re a caregiver, and for that we thank you.

As Silver Donald Cameron Said “If Canadas health care system were a plant, family caregivers would be its roots—fragile, vital and invisible.” There are over 600,000 caregivers in Alberta.

There are many different resources available to caregivers on the Alberta Caregivers Association website, www.AlbertaCaregivers.org. If you’re in Edmonton relax in their Caregiver Connection Centre and connect with other caregivers. With all these resources available we hope to encourage caregivers to thrive as much as possible, as well as the loved ones they care for. This is the week for us all to thank a caregiver we know.

Caregiver Appreciation circular

Meals on Wheels

This program is now being provided privately in the community by Brendan Finnigan and his company Fintrition. Further information can be obtained by emailing him at: bfinnigan1990@gmail.com.

Wainwright & District FCS to celebrate 45 years

July 2018 marks the forty-fifth anniversary for Wainwright and District Family and Community Services. Initiated by Town of Wainwright Administrator, Ernie Bouchard, Wainwright and Area Preventative Social Services, as it was named back then, officially began operating in July of 1973. Read more history…