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September 2017 Newsletter

This September 10 marks World Suicide Prevention Day, with the lazy days of summer ending and everyone getting back in to the swing of back to school and life in general this is an important topic that spans all ages and stages. Learn how to spot warning signs of suicide and immerse yourself in the deeply personal story about ‘Barry’ a young man who was buried at the young age of 34.


What makes a caregiver?

What makes a caregiver? A caregiver is a family member or friend who provides unpaid care for a loved one living with challenges due to disability, illness, or aging. Do you take your elderly parents grocery shopping every week? What if you regularly drive a close friend to medical appointments? Did you cancel a night out with friends to care for your spouse that is ill? You’re a caregiver, and for that we thank you.

As Silver Donald Cameron Said “If Canadas health care system were a plant, family caregivers would be its roots—fragile, vital and invisible.” There are over 600,000 caregivers in Alberta.

There are many different resources available to caregivers on the Alberta Caregivers Association website, www.AlbertaCaregivers.org. If you’re in Edmonton relax in their Caregiver Connection Centre and connect with other caregivers. With all these resources available we hope to encourage caregivers to thrive as much as possible, as well as the loved ones they care for. This is the week for us all to thank a caregiver we know.

Caregiver Appreciation circular

“How’s Your Sleep?” by Dr. Ken Harrison

As a counselling psychologist one of the things I often ask about is how well people sleep. It is an important question considering that sleep disturbance is estimated to affect some 13% to 24% of Canadian adults and may apply to nearly as many children. Insomnia is one type of sleep disturbance that includes variations on difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep (the most common complaint), early waking, and nonrestorative or poor quality sleep.

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As a rule of thumb, if it takes more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, night-time waking occurs for more than 30 minutes, or total sleep time is less than 6.5 hours per night, and this occurs 3 or more nights per week for more than one month, chronic insomnia could be a problem. Initial onset of sleep difficulties is often triggered by the presence of emotional or physical discomfort. More chronic versions of insomnia may be preceded by significant life changes, enduring periods of stress or emotional upset, and a number of medical diagnoses. Early efforts to address those emotional, psychological, and medical factors would surely be a good preventative measure.

Dr. Ken Harrison, Counselling Psychologist, is providing general counselling services at the offices of Wainwright & District Family & Community Services.

To book an appointment, please call: 780-842-2555.

Meals on Wheels

Wainwright & District Family & Community Services, Living at Home Program is suspending the Meals on Wheels service until further notice.

Wainwright & District FCS to celebrate 44 years

July 2017 will mark the forty-fourth anniversary for Wainwright and District Family and Community Services. Initiated by Town of Wainwright Administrator, Ernie Bouchard, Wainwright and Area Preventative Social Services, as it was named back then, officially began operating in July of 1973. Read more history…

FCS Stampede Parade Float 2010

FCS 2010 Wainwright Stampede Parade float entry
Photo: Kim Pierce