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FCSS Legislation

The FCSS Act and Regulation

The FCSS Act (RSA 2000 Chapter F-3) provides the framework by which Family and Community Support Services programs operate. The Act outlines what can and cannot be funded by FCSS.

The intention of the FCS grant is to foster the development of services and programming of a preventative nature.

As administrators of FCS dollars it is our responsibility to actively…

Responsibilities of Municipality

  • promote and facilitate the development of stronger communities;
  • promote public participation in planning, delivering and governing the program and services provided under the program;
  • promote and facilitate the involvement of volunteers;
  • promote efficient and effective use of resources;
  • promote and facilitate co-operation and co-ordination with allied service agencies operating within the municipality.

Source: Alberta Regulation 218/94

A complete synopsis of the governing principles, along with Funding and Special Project Grant information may be found on our Grants & Funding page. Complete regulations and guidelines handbook are available for download in pdf format from Alberta Ministry of Children’s Services.