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WDFCS Funded Programs


The FCSS mandate allows for the provision of funding of programs provided by agencies external to WDFCS that provide programs consistent with our preventive social services mandate. FCS funding currently provides funding to:

Battle River Victim’s Assistance Society

Victim Services advocates are volunteers trained in a variety of core subject areas, and there is continual learning to ensure that they are fully prepared to deal with any crisis.

Advocates are trained for crisis support and intervention in situations of assault, hate crimes, domestic violence, property crimes, robbery, sexual assault, stalking and harassment, family violence, bereavement and sudden death. They are also trained to work with diverse people, including people with substance abuse or addictions problems. Advocates are trained in preventative security measures for homes and businesses.

Anyone interested in becoming a Victim Services advocate can contact Battle River Victims Services Society at 842-4490 for further information.

Special Projects

Each year WDFCS sets aside specific funding accessed by organizations throughout the funding year. If you can, download the 2016 Special Projects Grant Information Pack or contact Cathy Charlton, WDFCS Director at 842-2555 for more information.

Contact: | Cathy Charlton |